The Perfect Peel

The Perfect Peel

The perfect solution for uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, acne, fine lines and sun damage. This revolutionary new peel has been awarded with The Beauty Awards ‘Best new facial skin care treatment 2015’.


Treatment Time

15 Minutes

Recovery Time

5-7 Days

Back to Work

5-7 Days

Duration or Results

6 Months

Risks Associated

Swelling, skin peeling, redness and itching


Avoid touching or picking at skin during peeling process and carefully follow instructions provided at appointment.

If you have any questions about any aspect of this treatment, please do




Before & After

The Perfect PeelThe Perfect PeelThe Perfect PeelThe Perfect Peel


What is the perfect peel?

The perfect peel is a 5- acid blended peel with glutathione, vitamins and minerals. Glutathione is an antioxidant that penetrates deep into the cellular level of the skin to fight oxidant damage and premature ageing. It is also proven to lighten dark pigmentations. The perfect peel’s combination of ingredients will give you a younger, healthier and clearer skin in just 1 week.

Is the perfect peel suitable for me?

Most people are suitable for this treatment and it is effective in improving pigmentation, acne, scarring, fine lines and overall skin tone. Medical history will be checked at initial consultation. Treatment is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Who will perform the treatment?

All the treatments are carried out by Dr. Sarah Takroni.

Does it hurt?

A slight warm, tingly sensation is felt on application of the peel and some itching of the skin might be felt following the peel as the skin is peeling. Overall, the treatment is largely pain-free.

How many sessions will I need & how far apart should they be?

Results can be seen after one treatment and continue to improve over 1 month. Some people require a course of 2-3 peels to achieve maximum results 4-6 weeks apart. To maintain the results we recommend a peel every 6 months and a bespoke skincare programme.